SeriesName250Cole’s story is finished. I know, I know, FINALLY. Right? LOL
It’s in the hands of my amazing editor who has the patience of a saint. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the first round of edits. Once I have more info on how the edits are progressing, then I will be able to set a release date. Right now, I’m “shooting” for late-Feb/early-March. I have a Coming Soon page on my site where I’m listing the progress just in case I forget to post on my blog.

My wonderfully patient beta reader gave me positive feedback. So I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. As usual, I’m worried because it’s long, but I couldn’t squeeze the story into anything shorter. I’m wordy as hell (duh, look at this post!) but anyone who has read one of my books knows that. I did trim out as much as I could, but be prepared for a long read. Thankfully, my beta reader said it didn’t feel long at all.

What you can expect….

It’s character-driven. So, no mystery/suspense or secondary storyline. Just two guys, their romance, and how their journey as a couple changed them. They both have issues to work through (I couldn’t make it easy, right?), so I didn’t feel it was fair to make their issues light-hearted by having things resolved in a few pages. You will also see how their relationship with others change in the story. Most characters are different at the end of the story than they were at the beginning.

Yes, it’s HEA. I couldn’t make my guys suffer without giving them one.

There’s enough back story so the book can be read as a standalone.

Cole has a potty mouth. He loves to use the “F” word. Sorry, I trimmed as much as I could but cutting anything more would have been out of character for him. He’s quirky and – as my beta reader said – very forward.

Um, very forward when he’s got an itch that needs a scratch. LOL I would say he’s even embarrassed me a few times while writing him, (he’s shameless) but I kept him and all his quirks. It’s him, I didn’t feel right changing that.

The other main character’s name is Ty (Aidan’s brother). He’s briefly mentioned at the end of Book 2 (A Hunted Man). He owns the shop where Cole works as part of the employment program. He’s very different from Aidan but very much a Calloway. And he’s exactly what Cole needs – and vice-versa. Hard to explain but hopefully (crossing my fingers) you will agree they mesh well when you read their story.

There will be car and shop talk – but I tried to not overdo it to avoid boring the hell out of everyone. There will be angst, hopefully some quirky humor, and again, Cole loves to drop the “f” bombs. Cole is obsessed with superheroes. There will be sexy times as well, endless banter (Cole is extremely frustrated, so this is his outlet), family interaction (family is very important to Cole), sarcasm galore (I’ve got Julian, Aidan and Cole in the equation – it’s to be expected). You will also see a little bit of Matt & his J, Cole and Julian, and a lot of Cole and Aidan, a tiny bit of Jessie, and get a peek at Aidan and Jessie together (their story will follow Cole’s). You will also see a hint of whose book will follow Aidan’s – assuming you guys want to continue reading the series. LOL

Cover reveal, blog tour, etc….

Once I’ve established a release date, I will have a cover reveal (Cole’s on the cover of this one) and a blog tour with a giveaway (I’m planning on a few prizes, not just books).


I will post updates again soon. Stay tuned!