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This is where I’ll make a note of upcoming books/projects and their status. I’m usually pretty good about updating this page as soon as there’s a change, but the easiest way to never miss a new book announcement is to sign up for my newsletter. (You won’t be inundated with emails, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

Release dates are tentative and can change, and often do. I’ll generally list a year, then narrow it down by season once I’m closer, then list a month when I’m farther along the editing process and have a better handle on release timing.

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  • The Men of Halfway House Book #7.
    Status: Currently writing. 
    Est. Release: If all goes well, I’m crossing my fingers I can release this one in 2019. If not, early 2020.

    PROGRESS REPORT: Estimate on completion of story…I’m roughly halfway (pun not intended). 


  • I currently have two stand-alones in my head, one is more solid than the other and one is super angsty.
    Status: planning
    Est. Release: TBD

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