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Just a little place to note upcoming books and projects. Please note, release dates listed are tentative and can change at any time until a formal release date is announced. Check back periodically!

Release Date:  May 2, 2017


Title: A Worthy Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House #5
*Although part of a series, this is a full-length stand-alone novel. *
Word Count: 124,300

Characters: This will be Drayton & Vann’s story.
Drayton first appears in book 3, A Restored Man. Vann is briefly mention in book 4, A Mended Man.

I’ve created a book page.
All status/updates have been moved to this location.  🙂


A Restored Man - Audio



Title: A Restored Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House #3
Release Date:  August 2, 2016
Narrator: Greg Tremblay
Duration: 11 hrs. 45 mins BUY LINK

This is my first audiobook – and yes, I know it’s odd to jump in with the 3rd book rather than starting with A Better Man. But, since each book can be read as a stand alone, I I figured I’d start with Cole’s story – because he loves the attention.

This entire process is new to me, so, I’m testing the waters to see how things go before deciding to offer the others (and future books) in audio.️

Title: TBA
Estimated Release Date:  TBA
Series information:  This will be a standalone.

I’ve toyed with this story for entirely too long so I figured I’d post it here and that would nudge me to finish it. 🙂 I originally wanted it to be a short story. Apparently, I have issues writing ‘short’ and it transitioned (in my mind) into a bear of a manuscript. Hence, why I set it aside almost two years ago.


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