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Book 6 in The Men of Halfway House series

Release Date: ♥♥♥ NOW LIVE ♥♥♥
Characters: Dylan & Wall
Themes: contemporary; romance; older/younger man; suspense/action (primarily a romance and definitely not dark)
Approximate word count: 124K.



*Although part of a series, this is a full-length stand-alone novel.*

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9/25: Uploaded to Amazon.  Their KDP website states it takes 24 hrs for titles to appear. When uploading, the disclaimer before clicking “publish” states it takes up to 72 hrs (just a little more stress lol). So I like to upload it early just to be safe, so it’s live on the release day.
UPDATE: Title was live in all markets within 5 hrs. So I’m racing to finish up the character pages.

9/19: ARCs sent out.

9/18: All edits and proofing complete. Manuscript is being formatted.  And yes, I’m all kinds of stressed out. :\  It doesn’t get easier with each release. *sigh*

9/14: After multiple (*I stress multiple lol) rounds of edits and initial proofing round, the manuscript is ready for final proofing. Yay!
(and yes, I’m obsessive about edits and proofing but we’re all human and stuff still slips through *grrr)

9/11: Wrapping up last round of edits to have things ready for proofing.

8/25: Knee deep in edits. I’m hoping to be far enough along to make an announcement next week with more info. *crossing fingers*

8/6: Received first batch of edits. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this week.

7/23: In the hands of my incredibly patient editor.

7/19: Polishing is complete. Took longer than expected, but RL got in the way and I don’t like to rush this part of the process. Manuscript goes into edits this weekend. Yay!

6/12: Going through what I’ve written and getting things polished before it’s ready for edits.

3/13: writing is essentially completed but I still need to go back through everything (polish up scenes, add/expand on content where needed, and trim out unnecessary/repetitive stuff, etc). For the moment, I’ve put this on hold because my brain is in editing mode right now with the stand alone. And I don’t want to mess either story up. As soon as I turn in my edits for the stand-alone, I’ll jump back on the polishing horse with this one.

2/28: still writing; but almost finished. 🙂  I’m guessing the word count is going to be in the ballpark of about 120K. I’m super close to finishing it. Yay. Once I finish writing the scenes, I always go back through everything and make any necessary changes (polish up scenes, add/expand on content where needed, and trim out unnecessary/repetitive stuff, etc). I’m super picky. So please bear with me. After all that’s ready to go, then it goes into edits.


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