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Just a little place to note upcoming books and projects. Please note, release dates listed are tentative and can change at any time until a formal release date is announced. Check back periodically!

Tagline: Life made him dangerous. Love made him lethal.

Shades is a stand-alone novel, gritty in parts and romantic in others. There’s an assassin with a moral code, a snarky sidekick, a hint of suspense, a bit of violence…and a few surprises. Behind it all, there’s a love story that will thaw a killer’s heart.

Book Details:
Release Date:  May 23, 2018
Series information:  This will be a stand-alone.
Main Characters:  Killian & Nick
Themes: contemporary; romance; suspense; action; a little violence but a lot of love
Est. Word count: 99K

Status: 4/25: Tour stuff booked. 🙂

Book page (full blurb included):

Title: TBA
Est. Release Date:  Late Summer 2018
Series information:  The Men of Halfway House #6
*Although part of a series, this is a full-length stand-alone novel. *
Themes: contemporary; romance; suspense/action (but primarily a romance)  <– updated: yes, there’s a bat and a few guns  🙂
Approximate word count: est. 120K

*update* 3/13: writing is essentially completed but I still need to go back through everything (polish up scenes, add/expand on content where needed, and trim out unnecessary/repetitive stuff, etc). For the moment, I’ve put this on hold because my brain is in editing mode right now with the stand alone. And I don’t want to mess either story up. As soon as I turn in my edits for the stand-alone, I’ll jump back on the polishing horse with this one.

Status (2/28): still writing; but almost finished. 🙂  I’m guessing the word count is going to be in the ballpark of about 120K. I’m super close to finishing it. Yay. Once I finish writing the scenes, I always go back through everything and make any necessary changes (polish up scenes, add/expand on content where needed, and trim out unnecessary/repetitive stuff, etc). I’m super picky. So please bear with me. After all that’s ready to go, then it goes into edits.


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