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A Mended Man

A story of healing and confronting demons…

The Men of Halfway House #4
Word Count: 145K

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Please note, the book WILL be available in paperback within a few days. Aidan is temperamental, even in print.

~ I know Aidan & Jessie’s story is very dark at times. But I promise, within the darkness, there’s tons of love. ~

Book Tour Scheduled for May 2-6, 2016

There’s no way I could have gotten to this point without the awesome team of people who helped me along the way.
  • My beta, who hubby and I lovingly refer to as “A” (’cause she’s cool like that) offered not only a read of the manuscript and feedback, but an endless fountain of patience to let me vent while I suffered through writing their story and endlessly fought their backstories.
  • Jae, my amazing editor who has the patience of a saint and the drive of a general. You sucked even more emotion out of Aidan than I thought was possible. It was painful, but thank you.
  • Thank you to J’s Mom (because I like calling you that) for the medical input.
  • Thank you Kathy. For your careful eye and words of support – even when you didn’t know I’d hear them. <3
  • To Judy, the newest addition to my team who gave it the once over to make sure things were polished up. If anyone out there needs a proofer – contact her. You won’t regret it.
  • To all the readers and bloggers who helped me get the word out with the cover reveal, release, and upcoming tour. THANK YOU. Truly. There’s no way I could reach everyone on my own. I’m incredibly thankful for your endless support. <3

What some readers are saying…

“It is filled with brutal storms but when the sun comes out, it’s breathtaking.” ~Book UnFunk

“This book will make you cry, give you hope, and take you on an emotional journey with two beautiful but broken men.” ~ Bike Book Reviews

“This is such a powerful and intense story…” ~ MM Book Escape

“This is such an emotional story and it is so hard to see two men who are strong and independent be so broken and vulnerable. Jaime Reese stripped these guys down to their souls and then slowly they each were put back together again, and were a little stronger, because they had each other.” ~ Alpha Book Club

“Jaime delivers yet another stunning but very different book.” ~ Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews



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