I had a story that kept popping up in my head for some time. Last year, I finally started writing it. 36K words into the story and something didn’t feel right. So I rewrote it. But it still didn’t feel right. After a major battle with myself, I shelved it. It was a tough decision, but something finally felt right. Maybe it’ll work later, but for now, it’s shelved.

Needless to say, I was crushed.

But then…something magical happened. *cue the angelic sounds*
The very next day, I had two guys show up and take center stage. No lie. Next. Day. Fully formed characters popped in my head and were pushing me to write their story. And I’m so grateful because they were there for me and had me smiling when the herd of drama llamas invaded my life.

Bottom line… I love them. Love. Them.
I love them individually, and when they are together, I get this silly grin on my face. They’ve had me smiling for months and I’m hoping they make you smile just as much.

If all goes as planned, I will have news for you very soon.

Some quickie info…

These guys aren’t from Halfway House, but a familiar contractor (hint, hint) does make several appearances.
This is a standalone.
Word count: 96K words.
It’s a contemporary romance. There’s a slight hint of mystery, but this story is mainly about the relationships (both romantic and family). There’s some angst, but it’s lighter than my norm. There are a few twists and a whole lot of love (and hugs – sooo many hugs).

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I’ll post more info next month.

❤ J/R