Happy New Year!

With the start of each year, it’s common to take a look back at the year before. For me, 2019 was odd and consisted of a series of constant hiccups and surprises. Some, not so great. But life has this nasty habit of throwing curve balls.

Coming in 2020…

I will have a new book in The Men of Halfway House series coming out this year. I’m not sure when yet, but sometime in the next twelve months. 😉  It’s finished and I’m going through my full read before sending it to my editor. Once the book is in edits, then I’ll announce more info. I can say it’s definitely more happy than angsty (but yes, there’s some angst) and it’s clocking it at a little over 120K. I want to try to trim it but it seems to be growing instead. So it’s still too early to make any announcements.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading/buying my books, leaving reviews, and for your ongoing support. And thank you, most of all, for not forgetting me. It’s so easy to get lost with so few releases compared to others. I truly appreciate you for checking in and thinking about me. Whether you realize it or not, it fuels me and keeps me going. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate each of you. I truly cannot do this alone and I’m incredibly grateful for the endless support.


⭐ Happy New Year!


❤ J/R