I’m currently in edits and want to make sure I can hit certain milestones before making any official announcements. But I’m itching to share some info with you. I’ll post a blurb once I have a firmer grip on a release date.
And yes, it will be very soon. (both the blurb and the release)


What you can expect
  • Although part of The Men of Halfway House world, it’s a stand-alone novel.
  • It’s a May/December romance.
  • One character is new, the other is a familiar face from a prior story.
  • This book is, first and foremost, a romance. It’s a slow burn. But there is heat in this story once they get together.
  • Aside from the romance, it’s a story about trust, friendship, and family. Yes, there’s angst (I don’t think I can write without that)…but it’s not super heavy even though it’s very easy to be with their backstories. I believe the heaviness of the story is lightened by Dylan’s personality more than anything.
  • There’s a little bit of action/suspense, but it’s more about the romance than anything else.
  • Some characters make reappearances. And some are only a brief mention because I didn’t want to shift the focus from the main characters and their relationship.
  • The story will likely be around 120K.
    I know, I know. It’s long. But if you’re up to book 6, then you know I write long. 😉
Character info

A Chosen Man is Dylan Vaughn’s story. (he will be featured on the cover)

Dylan is the newest resident of Halfway House. He’s 23 and a hacker who just served 2 years for cybercrimes. He’s got blond hair, blue eyes, a colorful inked sleeve, and a monster attitude. He is fascinated with unicorns and loves color (and yes, there’s a reason why he loves both).

The other MC refers to him as a firecracker. (His firecracker.) Dylan is honest, sarcastic, and often inappropriate. He’s ridiculously smart and a bit of a smartass. Okay, he’s A LOT of a smartass.

There’s really only one man who can handle him. A quiet guy you might remember from Book 4. His name is Wall.

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