Happy New Year!

At the start of each new year, I can’t help but think back on the last twelve months. Some things were amazing and others were heartbreaking. I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and also lost a few along the way. Highs and lows. But isn’t that the case with each year? And life?

One big thing for me this year was that I stepped away a little from social media. Part of that was a direct result of Hurricane Irma which caused a bit of chaos in my life. But the other part of that was a conscious decision. I love connecting online, but I wanted to try focusing some of that time on writing. And I did. 🙂


Coming in 2018…

I tend to be a tiny bit superstitious and don’t like to mention a project until I’m about ¾ into it and can see the finish line. I don’t even like revealing character names just in case they get shy and decide to stop whispering their story in my ear. But if all goes as planned, I will have two new releases available in 2018. I’ve got a full twelve months to make it happen. LOL  One will be the next story in The Men of Halfway House series. The other will be a stand-alone novel. I don’t have release dates for either, so I ask for your patience.


I want to say Thank You!

Thank you for reading/buying my books, leaving reviews, and for your ongoing support and words of encouragement. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate each of you. I truly cannot do this alone and I’m incredibly grateful for the endless support.


⭐ Happy New Year!


❤ J/R