I remember finishing Hunter and Cam’s story and hearing John Legend debut “All of Me” on a morning show and I yelled at the TV – “There! That! That!”
Hubby thought I was nuts. I just told him – “that right there. It’s them, it’s all of them.”
I just stared at the TV…in awe. Then I rewatched his performance and listened to the words – so beautiful and eloquent and so perfect. Again and again. He so easily captured—in less than five minutes—what I still have difficultly summarizing in words.
For those of you who have read me, you know I’m a wordy person. (And yes, I win the prize for understatement of the year). But here’s a truth…I’m really not. I know there are a bazillion authors out there who write more concisely than I can and write more eloquently than I do. I wasn’t big on reading in my early years (I’ll pause for a moment while you *gasps* LOL). And I know that nugget of info sometimes comes through in my writing.
Words were never really easy for me.
I’m a very vocal person. I have an opinion and I’m not afraid to use it. If I’m in a group, I’m not the quiet one. I’m a visual person (probably why I love art so much). I held an upper management position in a national corporation for years. I aced maths and sciences. Did well in school. I have a ‘thinking face’. I’m logical. I’m analytical. I love to break things down and find a solution. Puzzles – yeah, that’s my weakness.
But reading a book was tough for me and I never understood why. Especially considering that now I can read through a book effortlessly when I can spare a little time between cover work.
Yes, I’m American. I’m a rare Miami native, but my parents weren’t. English was rarely spoken in my home when I was young. I don’t write with fancy words and sometimes it takes me longer to get to my point. I’ve joked with my editor – “I have limited words.” (um yeah, but not a limited word count it seems LOL). And you know what? I accept that. That’s why I cut out so much when I do a re-read of what I’ve written.
My goal: to improve with each book I write. Because this old dog here can learn new tricks. *nods*
When I release a book, I always seem to get two tough questions asked in interviews.
  1. Which song did you think about when you wrote the story?
  2. What motivated you to write the character(s) or their relationship?
I’m never really able to sum that up into words. Also, it’s a tough question for me because, in my mind, there’s a consistency between my guys and their relationship across all stories. It’s one answer. There wasn’t a single song that captured that or anything that changed or triggered the story other than them showing up and demanding it be told. They aren’t perfect, but together, they just work and personify (to me) the meaning of synergy and a loving relationship with unconditional love. That’s as short and sweet as I can get.  
See? I’m wordy. 🙂
So I think it’s best to just let a master summarize what I feel when I write my characters and their stories. How I see my guys. Because if you have me try to explain it, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be nearly as successful or as succinct as the way it’s explained in Legend’s work of art.
Enjoy. <3