It’s been an odd few months for me between work and personal stuff. I tend to hibernate and bury myself in work when that happens. So I did – and as a direct result of that, I’ve made some serious writing progress.

Before I forget – I will officially be making my first author appearance in October in San Diego at GRL. So if you’re attending, please stop by and say “hi!” <3

Back to the update….



I’ve been forcing myself to do something Aidan/Jessie related each day. Whether it’s writing something new, editing something I’ve already written, the cover art, or working on some graphic for the new character page for the book. I’m happy to say, there’s been little ‘forcing’ necessary. 🙂  It takes very little convincing for me to do anything related to Aidan and Jessie. I love them. Both individually for different reasons and together.

As of right now, I’m at about 80K and it’s still going. It’s another long read. But the way I see it, I want to get everything down then I’ll worry about trimming parts. That’s what I did for Cam and Cole, so it’s looking as if I need to do the same for this one too. Because yes, it’s going to be long.

Right now, I clearly see the book as three distinct parts and I’ve labeled them accordingly. And each section is long enough to release as installment stories. But no, I want to release them as one single, long book. So please bear with me. I have a blurb and a title. But I’m sitting on them just in case they change. The title has stuck with me for months and the three part structure is sticking as well, but the blurb I’ve tweaked a tiny bit. Once I’ve finished writing and my editor has this monster story in hand, I’ll be happy to share more info on title, blurb and stuff like that. I will say, the cover features Aidan. Not the Aidan everyone sees, but the Aidan Jessie sees.

There will be a lot of things happening in this book, because of the storyline and because I need things to happen in this one before the next book. And no, I will not reveal a thing just in case something changes along the way.

There’s a slight action/crime/detective element because of the storyline and Aidan’s occupation. But it is absolutely not the driving force of this story. It’s there is the far background. So please do not expect an action packed crime book. That will not happen here. Ultimately, it’s a romance and a story of healing. And because of this, I anticipate it will be over 100K at the final word count. I cannot rush the healing process. It would be unrealistic and unfair to both characters. They carry around a lot of baggage and they handle things differently. So I cannot resolve an issue in a span of a few pages. And, as you may have noticed, I’m wordy as hell. 🙂

There are sad parts. There are painful parts. There are some parts that might make you cry. There are parts that will make you angry. There are parts that might make you laugh (hopefully). And I’m sure there will be parts where you’re yelling at both Jessie and Aidan. But I also hope there are parts where you’re cheering them on.

I’ve been asked about character reappearances. The answer is Yes. Even though Aidan and Jessie are not residents of the house, the house has affected their life so it is a part of this story. And you will see characters reappear from prior books.

Both Aidan and Jessie are multi-dimensional…at least to me. They each have almost-split personalities. The public sees one side of them and they are very different in private, with each other. They are both strong in their own ways and have been through far more than any one person should experience in life. I’m sorry to say, I have not been nice to them. I’m a mean author. Hopefully, in the end, you’ll understand why these two took so long to finally reach their happily ever after and why they’ll fight like hell to keep it. Because yes, they do get their HEA. I’m not that mean. 🙂

Jessie is incredibly patient and understanding. He’s even surprised me a few times. Aidan, well, he’s just a hot mess.  His love for Jessie is unwavering and strong and drives many of his decisions in the story. He’s not perfect…far from it. He’s not the ideal guy. He’s hard and soft. He’s prickly and sweet. He’s twisted and kind. He’s my beautiful disaster and I love him.